We Jazz - Tetragon for Joe Henderson

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We Jazz is a record label, festival organizer and record shop in Helsinki Finland. Their latest creation is this new publication. It is an elegant, fascinating, beautifully designed bi-annual music journal that explores the wide world of jazz. Features on both the greats of jazz along with contemporary and new artists accompany pieces that range from essays on culture and music, to rare album art, to festival and album reviews. This international take on jazz is a breath of fresh air from Finland, and a must-read for those of us who love the depth of jazz, as well as the crate diggers of the world...

Tetragon For Joe Henderson


Joe Henderson, the Blue Note & Milestone Years 1963-1977

Family Values: How Chicago’s International Anthem built a family, by Tina Edwards

Esp-Disk: A Visual Appreciation 1964-1975, by Matti Nives

Ben Lamar Gay, by Stewart Smith

I Dream of the Sea: Smooth Jazz and the Radical Tradition, by Francis Gooding

Jazz nights in Donetsk, by Lander Lenaerts

Lisbon: A Jazz City by the Sea, by Rui Miguel Abreu

Photo Essay: Tokyo Jazz Joints, Vol. 1, Thresholds, by Philip Arneill