The Moon and The Echo: responses to The Moon and The Melodies (1986) by Harold Budd and Cocteau Twins

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The Moon and The Echo is the first in a new series of anthologies from London-based publisher Pilot Press seeking contemporary responses to works of art made during the AIDS crisis.

In the first iteration, responses were sought to the 1986 collaborative studio album The Moon and The Melodies by the late composer Harold Budd (1936-2020) and the Scottish dream pop band Cocteau Twins.


In order of appearance

Michelle Hannah
David Nash
Ellen Dillon
Gabriel Ross
Maria Sledmere
Jack Jacques
Nick Blackburn
Harry Agius
Lauren de Sá Naylor
Femke Zwiep
Ondo Fudd
Richard Porter
Freya Johnson Ross
Paul Lee
Nina Ines Ward
James Dearlove
James Rance
Fred Carter
Jane Cope
Tom Benford
Mary Manning
Simon Moretti
Rosa Jones
Ishika Ball
Oliver Ridings
Nat Raha
Kevin McAleese

15 x 19 cm
76 pp

Printed on 100% recycled paper