Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synths

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Following on from his 2021 book, Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back), Oli Freke returns with a Synthesizer Evolution A6 zine series.

The invention of the synthesizer in the 1960s changed musical culture and music production forever, giving musicians whole new worlds of sound to play with. Vintage Synths celebrates that invention and its subsequent history by picking out 46 of the most influential, important or most interesting synths from 1939 – 1998. They represent the introduction of a new technology, had a particular impact, or maybe even formed the basis of entirely new genres.

Explore the most legendary synthesizers ever created, including the Minimoog, ARP 2600, Yamaha DX7, Roland Jupiter 8 and more, with detailed descriptions and the stories behind their development.

Vintage Synths delves into the fascinating world of synthesizers, tracing their evolution from the early days of analogue synthesis to the modern digital era, and exploring the recent resurgence of analogue synthesizers.

Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synths takes readers on an inspiring journey through the history and technology behind these iconic musical instruments. From the earliest electronic experiments to the cutting-edge digital synthesizers of today, this zine provides a comprehensive overview of how synthesizers have shaped the world of music.

Accompanying are illustrations that celebrate the visual qualities of synthesizers – not only have they produced the sound of the future, but they have also looked like the future since the earliest days.

Whether you’re a seasoned synthesizer player, a music producer, or simply an enthusiast, Vintage Synths is a valuable resource that offers both technical depth and historical context


Pages: 52
Size: A6 
Binding: Staple bound
Print: Black & white