Stonehenge 1970s Counterculture

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Stonehenge 1970s Counterculture by Homer Sykes documents the solstice celebrations at Stonehenge. During this time their were several exciting new approaches to using and appreciating the site including ‘Free Stoned Henge Festival’.

Homer Skyes is a British-Canadian, award-winning magazine and documentary photographer. His work has featured in exhibitions at The Tate, National Theatre, ICA, V&A, Jeu de Paume Paris to name a few. This zine focuses on the photos he took in the late 1970s at the Summer Solstice Free Festival at Stone Henge in Wiltshire which takes place on June 21st. Photos of a moment and mood include Bev Richardson aka ‘Pagan Bev’ and a hippy celebrating the Celtic mythological Sun God Belenus.

14 x 20cm
28 pages