Rockers: The Making of Reggae's Most Iconic Film

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Set amongst the reggae scene of late 70s Jamaica, the film Rockers achieved instant cult status among music and cinema fans. Rockers’ director, Ted Bafaloukos, has received many accolades for his work on the film, but the fact that he was also a fine writer and undercover photographer is often overlooked. Bafaloukos penned this vivid autobiography in 2005 and passed in 2016.

An invaluable collection of photographs taken during the conception of the classic reggae film Rockers by the director Ted Bafaloukos, captured in this 300 page hardback book, painstakingly put together by the director's wife.

Production stills and photos taken during the era by Bafaloukos form the visual, cinematic backbone of the tome, faithfully rendering the amazing people, styles, and locations in living, breathing colour.

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300 pages

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