Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene

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KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene

Planetluke the graphic arts alter ego of Luca Lozano provides the fourth in Klasse Wrecks’ KFAX zine series. KFAX4 is a follow up to the record label logo collection of KFAX3 and is manifested via a 70 page, 10x14cm risograph printed, red glue bound booklet.

For this collection Planetluke has delved deep into the obscure and unlikely field of computer software company logos of the 70s and 80s. A burgeoning and undeveloped scene, the 300+ logos are often naive and amateurish in quality and look and provide the perfect follow up to the similar logos in the previous zine. Be sure to back-up that brain as halfway through the zine gets ‘hacked’ and overtaken by logos and graphics from the underground hacker and warez scene!!

Measuring at 7x10cm and printed on 70 g/m² EOS bible print paper and with red glue binding.