Ecstasy and the Dance Culture - Nicholas Saunders

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Ecstasy and the Dance Culture - Nicholas Saunders

Before the Internet, if you wanted to know what was in your pills, there were two options: suck it and see, or get in touch with the man once known as ‘Britain’s ecstasy guru,’ Nicholas Saunders. The author of Ecstasy and the Dance Culture, Saunders was a prominent member of the UK’s counterculture scene from the 1970s until a fatal car crash in South Africa in 1998. In the final years of his life, he dedicated himself to providing people with accurate data on drugs, particularly MDMA.

Saunders was one of the first people providing public drug testing services, having had samples collected from festivals and clubs sent off to labs before publishing the toxicological make-up and identifying features on his website He paid for this with the profits from his book "E is for Ecstasy" and the revised edition "Ecstasy and the Dance Culture". A huge collection of academic research, interviews, legal policy and anecdotal testimony on the topic of MDMA that constituted one of the most thorough resources of the time.

2nd hand stock (good condition, visible wear to outer edges of book, name written on inside page, still in collectable condition )
320 pages
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