Action Time Vision: Punk & Post-Punk Record Sleeves

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Action Time Vision: Punk & Post-Punk 7" Record Sleeves is a celebration of DIY graphics from the punk and post-punk eras.

Music from the punk era transformed the world of music. If you could play three chords, you could make records. You didn’t even need a record label. You could start your own.

The same thing happened in graphic design. All you needed were a few sheets of Letraset and access to a photocopier, and you could make your own record covers. 

With a few exceptions, trained designers rarely did 7” singles covers, apart from a few covers done by Barney Bubbles and Peter Saville, most punk and post-punk covers were designed by band members, label owners or friends.

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Full colour 

320 pages

17cm X 23cm x 2.5cm