All Crews: Journeys Through Jungle / Drum & Bass Culture

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All Crews: Journeys Through Jungle/Drum & Bass Culture by Brian Belle-Fortune

The All Crews book is over ten years of journeys through jungle / drum & bass music and features interviews with all the top artists. However, author Brian Belle-Fortune also delves deeper and looks at the pirate radio stations, labels, crews, promoters and ravers that form the backbone of the scene.

Initially published in 1999 as All Crew Muss Big Up, it was considered the definitive snapshot of jungle’s earliest years but quickly went out of print and became cult and very expensive to pick up. Reprinted in 2004, All Crews not only features the original text but also an extensive update. 

Brian Belle-Fortune conceived and co-produced One in the Jungle, Britain’s first national Jungle program for BBC Radio One. He was also label manager for DJ Ron’s London Some ’Ting Records and has played on London pirate radio stations Rude FM / Ruud Awakening as DJ Zy:on.

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