Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest 1989 - 1994

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Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest 1989 - 1994

Waltham Forest, in outer East London played a pivotal role in the development of dance music and subculture. This has not previously been documented. During the 1970s the borough became home to a significant number of West Indian families who brought sound system culture from Jamaica to a local audience. During the 1980s pirate radio took over as a platform for broadcasting and sharing new music, and stations across the borough were housed in estates which have long since been demolished. Ravescene, a national magazine was produced in Chingford; Lennie De Ice, who’s We are IE tune is often credited as being the first jungle tune, grew up and lived in Walthamstow; there were a number of influential clubs such as the Dungeons, as well as around 20 record shops like In the Mix run by Ronnie Herel, or Dance Factory run by Linden C and Rob Acteson; a network of ancillary businesses like banner painting and equipment hire. A number of highly influential DJs and producers either grew up or lived in the area at the time and have shared their memories with us.

These include Roy Balfourth (Mad B / Formula 7 / Founder of Friends 100.7FM), Chelsea-Louise Berlin (raver and collector of flyers), Linden C (Producer, DJ / Promoter of Hypnosis), Andy Clockwork (Eruption FM), Dlux (DJ, Producer), DJ Louise, DJ Rap, DJ Vicki Edwards, Adrian H (DJ, Producer), Ronnie Herel (DJ, Producer, Record Shop Manager), Gordon Mac (Kiss FM Founder), MC Navigator (MC, Hype man, Presenter), Roger the Doctor (DJ), Slipmatt (DJ, Producer), Mike Stone (Founder of Dance 93.0FM, Promoter of Empathy State of Mind),and DJ Warlock. Extracts of these appear in the book with the addition of contributions from Lennie De Ice and Brain Records

24 pages, A5, printed in one colour, and saddle stitched with a folded full colour B2 size map as jacket