Chirashi Tokyo Punk & New Wave 78 - 80s

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Chirashi’ is a noun meaning 'flyers’ in Japanese derived from the verb ‘chirasu', that means 'scatter', 'millstone' or 'distribute'.

The great wave of punk rock/post punk/new wave in Japan from 1978 onwards was supported by the inexpensive paper medium of ‘chirashi (=flyers)’. Most groups and musicians of the time used ‘chirashi’ to deliver their gig and release information to their audiences, ‘chirashi’ brought people together, and ‘chirashi’ were literally ‘chirasareta (distributed and disappeared!)’.

This book “CHIRASHI” gathers nearly 800 flyers that were distributed (and disappeared) from the late 70s to mid 80s. It is an essential visual history of the Japanese independent music scene. 

Japanese text, 480 pages, paper back (21 x 30cm), 970 grams

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